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Aadya Academy’s Focus On Personal Development: Why It Makes Us One of the Best ICSE Schools in Bangalore


At Aadya Academy, we believe education is more than just memorizing facts and figures. It’s about nurturing well-rounded individuals prepared to thrive in the ever-changing world. That’s why we go beyond academics, offering a robust program that fosters personal development alongside academic excellence. This dedication to holistic learning is what makes us one of the best ICSE schools in Hennur, Bangalore.

Circle Time and Assembly: Building a Strong Foundation

Aadya Academy understands the importance of fostering social skills and emotional intelligence from a young age. Their circle time and assembly sessions are not just feel-good activities; they are strategically designed to lay the groundwork for a student’s holistic development.

Circle time provides a safe space for students to interact, play, and learn together. It encourages open communication, turn-taking, and active listening – all crucial life skills. Assembly time, on the other hand, fosters a sense of community and belonging. It allows students to express themselves creatively, celebrate achievements, and learn valuable life lessons.

Co-curricular Activities: Learning Beyond the Textbook

While academics are undeniably important, Aadya Academy recognizes the value of co-curricular activities (CCA) and extracurricular activities (ECA) in shaping well-rounded individuals. These activities provide students with a platform to explore their interests, develop new skills, and discover hidden talents.

Why Choose Co-Curricular Activities?

Contrary to popular belief, participation in co-curricular activities does not hinder academic performance. In fact, research by the United States Department of Education suggests that students involved in CCAs often achieve higher grades. This is because CCAs promote crucial skills like communication, time management, and problem-solving – all of which translate to academic success as well.

At Aadya Academy, CCAs are seamlessly integrated with the curriculum, creating a more enriching learning experience. Students are encouraged to participate in a wide range of activities, from quizzes and debates to elocution and public speaking. This exposure helps them develop confidence, critical thinking skills, and the ability to work effectively as part of a team.

Extracurricular Activities: Exploring Passions

Aadya Academy’s ECA program caters to students with diverse interests. From dance and music to yoga and taekwondo, the academy offers a plethora of options to choose from. These activities take place on a weekly basis, allowing students to explore their passions and develop new talents under the guidance of experienced professionals.

Benefits of Extracurricular Activities:

  • Develop Talents and Interests: Students can explore their creative side through dance, music, or art classes. Alternatively, they can learn valuable self-defense techniques through martial arts or hone their problem-solving skills through robotics.
  • Physical and Mental Wellbeing: Activities like yoga and sports promote physical fitness and mental well-being, fostering a healthy lifestyle.
  • Stress Management: Engaging in activities which students enjoy in a great way to manage stress and maintain a healthy balance between academics and personal life.

Beyond Activities: Competitions and Recognition

Aadya Academy understands the importance of healthy competition. We organize a variety of competitions throughout the year, catering to different age groups, interests, and skillsets. These competitions provide students with a platform to showcase their talents, learn from one another, and develop a sense of sportsmanship.

Why are Competitions Important?

  • Motivation and Goal Setting: Competitions can motivate students to work hard, hone their skills, and strive for excellence.
  • Building Confidence: Participating in competitions and winning recognition can significantly boost a student’s self-esteem and confidence.
  • Learning from Failure: Competitions can also teach valuable lessons about resilience and the importance of learning from mistakes.

Aadya Academy: A Holistic Learning Experience

Aadya Academy’s commitment to personal development extends beyond the activities and programs mentioned above. The academy fosters a positive and inclusive environment where students feel valued, supported, and empowered to reach their full potential.

By prioritizing personal development alongside academics, Aadya Academy ensures its students graduate not just as academic achievers but also as well-rounded, confident individuals prepared to thrive in an ever-changing world.

We are committed to providing a holistic learning environment that equips students with the knowledge, skills, and values they need to navigate the complexities of life.