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Physical Education

Physical Education

Health is a valuable asset that continuously needs to be invested in! Physical well being of students can have far-reaching consequences not just on physical and emotional health, but also on their ability to be champions in the various areas of school life. One can witness the impact of this as they grow up.

With children spending 10 to 15 years in schools, the onus of overall development (which includes physical development) rides on the shoulders of a school. In this regard, our school offers a variety of sporting disciplines to meet a wide range of ability levels. Football, Basketball, Table Tennis, Cricket, Volleyball and Hockey are some of the sports that are offered at Aadya Academy. Children also participate in various inter – house, inter – school, zonal level tournaments.

Physical Education at Aadya Academy is more than just winning trophies and medals. It improves neuro-muscular coordination, reduces stress, improves peer relationships and self-confidence. We always aim to cultivate a healthy sense of competition, teamwork, strategy and discipline among the students.

Physical Education at a glance

  • Physical education at Aadya Academy promotes inclusion of a regular fitness activity in the routine.
  • Weekly Mass Drills are conducted for all the students.
  • Miniature Aerobics sessions are conducted on a daily basis.
  • Structured and well planned PT periods are incorporated into the school timetable.
  • Regular Sports Competitions are held to help students to boost healthy and positive competition and also embrace failures and setbacks.
  • The house system forms the basis of all competitions in our school. It promotes team spirit, group loyalty and healthy competition. The school is divided into 4 houses. The Red House, Blue House, Green House and Yellow House.
  • Yoga period also finds a prominent spot in the school timetable.
  • Finally, well qualified and trained faculty execute the ideologies of Physical Education at Aadya Academy.