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Aadya Academy has an array of Clubs Activities for the benefit of the students. It is mandatory for each student at Aadya Academy to be a part of at least one of the clubs. In the beginning of the Academic Year, students along with their teachers work together to set goals, develop action plans to achieve those goals and implement those plans and also contribute their ideas. Students are monitored at all levels and in doing so, they develop and maintain working relationships and friendships also.

Every child is unique. With the idea that every individual has some inborn talent we vow to recognize and develop this inherent style. With an aim to develop the overall skills of the students, the school has established Academic Clubs, Performance Clubs and Non Performance Clubs with a unique vision. These clubs are interactive and intellectually, physically and emotionally stimulating as well as interesting. These club activities attract students just like how a magnet attracts iron. Teachers and club leaders together moderate the activities of the club and encourage children to participate and develop themselves.

The clubs at Aadya Academy

Kindergarten Clubs

Early child development sets the foundation for lifelong learning, behaviour, and health. The experiences children have in early childhood shape the brain and the child’s capacity to learn, to get along with others, and to respond to daily stresses and challenges. Keeping this in view we expose our early learners to clubs. We start young and watch them learn and grow at an astounding pace.

The transition of a child from toddlerhood to the pre-school years is an emotional one for the parents as well as the child. The early years activities at Aadya Academy aim to understand the emotional, social and physical needs of a child so that both-the parents and the child-are well prepared when the time for transition arrives

Little Hoppers Sports Club

We, at Aadya Academy believe that physical activity is an essential component of overall health and wellness of our tiny tots.

Early childhood services and childcare should include physical activity play as a key component of a child’s development. Services should offer play-based activities and games that combine physical activity with a child’s interests and abilities.

Club Activities

Running, hopping, group activities, hula hoop, etc eye- hand co ordination based activities

The Creative Crabs Craft Club

Crafting helps develop fine motor skills. The act of grabbing a crayon or paint brush develops the muscles that will later help preschoolers in other chores. The process of creating something naturally gets kids thinking about the final product, and the steps they need to take to get there. It also builds resilience. Our tiny tony indulge in many such activities.

Club Activities

Art work, colouring, drawing, origami, DIY projects etc

Talking Teddies English Club

A major part of our lives depends on our ability to communicate. Speaking skill is something that should be developed as early as possible. Public speaking skills can prove beneficial for children in many walks of life. Children who are exposed to public speaking early in life may readily overcome their fear. Hence kindergarteners are given many opportunities to express themselves.

Club Activities

Story telling, toy talk, Reading and Recitation

Boogie Woogie Dance and Music Club

Tap a foot, shake a leg, with some rhyme and rhythm, see your tots glow from within.

There’s scientific evidence that music and dance benefit little kids in more ways than one. This club conceptualizes programs that use music and dance movements. There’s a pattern that kids begin to recognize and the movement helps them with the coordination and develops their cognitive abilities.

Club Activities

Action Songs, Dance, skits

Clubs for students of Grade 1 to 8 are

Academic Clubs

The Shakespeare English Club

Objectives of the club
  • To inculcate among students a flair for the language and enhance their literary skills.
  • To induce reading habit in students.
  • To provide a great platform for budding writers and poets.
Club Activities/ Competitions

Pronunciation games, puzzle and quizzes, scrabbles, elocutions, debates, story- telling, reading exercises, discussion of issues that encourage critical thinking, study trips , group assignments, declamations, group discussions, poetry writing and recitation, short story writing, quiz contests, interactive/lecture sessions, etc.

The Kuvempu Kannada Club

Objectives of the club
  • To create awareness of Kannada language and culture.
  • To make the students aware of the rich culture and literary heritage of Karnataka.


Club Activities/ Competitions

Recitation, panel discussions on Kannada literature related issues, book reviews, composing poems, quiz, story telling, Vacahana competition etc

The SantKabir Das Hindi Club

Objectives of the club
  • To inculcate a sense of pride about an Indian language and understand the importance of Hindi.
  • To develop students’ literary skills in Hindi through a series of enjoyable activities.
  • Exposure to classical Hindi language and literature.
  • Club Activities/ Competitions: Recitation, Reading, nukkad-natak, and plays, composing poetry, essay writing, sheroshayari, jugalbandi, dohe competition etc.


Club Activities/ Competitions

Recitation, panel discussions on Kannada literature related issues, book reviews, composing poems, quiz, story telling, Vacahana competition etc

The Aryabhatta Math Club

Objectives of the club
  • To develop a love for Math and make it as our students’ favourite subject. With an extra dose of creativity and fun, dread can turn to delight!
  • To help students develop positive attitude towards Math so that they learn to appreciate the power and beauty of Mathematics.
  • To develop students’ confidence in using mathematics to analyse and solve problems both in school and in real-life situations.
  • To enable students to hone their skills in critical, logical and abstract thinking.


Club Activities/ Competitions

Math Quiz, Quick Math, Dodging Tables, Math Maze, Supermarket and cash counter activity, Model Bank etc

The Ramanujan Science Club

Objectives of the club
  • To engage students with simple science experiments and STEM activities.
  • To promote the use of IT in learning science.
  • To develop the creativity and encourage the habit of exploration.
  • TTo bust a few prevalent myths, and provide/ search scientific explanations.
Club Activities/ Competitions

Science Experiments, Science Quiz, Debates, Seminars, Symposia, Science exhibition etc

The Vasco Da Game Social Club

Objectives of the club
  • To create Awareness of The World and Environment.
  • To helps students to understand how different societies are structured, managed and governed.
  • To Develop Critical and Scientific Thinking Abilities.
Club Activities/ Competitions

To Develop Critical and Scientific Thinking Abilities

The General Knowledge Club

Objectives of the club
  • To provide facts related to general knowledge and information regarding current affairs of national and international importance.
  • To bring to light something new and interesting every time.
  • To develops students’ social, sensitivity, reasoning, and analytical thinking skills.


Club Activities/ Competitions

To develops students’ social, sensitivity, reasoning, and analytical thinking skills.

The Robotics Club

Objectives of the club
  • To enable students to learn new strategies and methodologies according to the demands of the present generation.
  • To expose our students to the world of endless educational possibilities with robotics, and to to tackle each area of STEM ( Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) in a fun way.
  • To create a spark in young minds who will develop interest in carving a career in the area of artificial intelligence.


Club Activities/ Competitions

Reading content related to Robotics and AI. Spending time in the Robotics Lab. Learning to understand the hardware components of a Robot. Coding, Scratch programming, Experiments with batteries, bulbs and circuits.

Fine Arts Club

Objectives of the club
  • To encourage and bring out the artistic capabilities of students in the field of Music, Dance, Drama, Visual Arts and other cultural activities.
  • To create bonds with the student community through arts, and learn how to work together through group projects that will beautify the school and community.
  • To express and develop their creativity, as one of the most important skills of the future.


Club Activities/ Competitions

Solo singing & Solo dance; Group Dance & Fashion Show; Face Painting; Rangoli, Vegetable carving; Drawing, Colouring, Puppet making, Drama, Plays, Mime etc

The Public Speaking Club

Objectives of the club
  • To provide ample opportunities to students to practice listening skills and practice speaking interactively.
  • To enable students to speak clearly.
  • To Boost Confidence. Public speaking repeatedly is a great boost of self confidence.


Club Activities/ Competitions

Public speaking, Movie reviews and commentaries; listening and singing songs to enhance pronunciation and build common bank of vocabulary. Comparing the programmes in school. Daily news reading, speeches, poem recitation, declamation, extempore, and debates

Health & Fitness Club

Objectives of the club
  • To promote the well-being of the pupils and the teachers.
  • To prescribe ways and activities for students to possess good health. (Mental Physical, Emotional and Social)


Club Activities/ Competitions

Awareness drives in which students are sensitized towards cleanliness. Promotion of safe menstrual hygiene practices for girls. Planning & Implementation of Healthy Diet, Debates on healthy life, competitions etc.

Non Performance Clubs

Editorial and Blogging Club ( only High School)

Objectives of the club
  • To promote creativity and literary skills of our students.
  • To motivate students to become better readers and writers.
  • To participate in the making of the school’s Annual Magazine.


Club Activities/ Competitions

Conducting interviews, journalistic writing, effective communication skills and content creation. Reading & creating own blog posts. Setting up class blogs, Contributing articles to the School Annual Magazine.

The Reading Club

Objectives of the club
  • To promote reading habits among students.
  • To build a strong reading culture at our school.


Club Activities/ Competitions

Mass Reading Programme, Celebration of National Book Lover’s Day, Book themed games, Read Alouds- for younger students, Writing a review, organizing a book festival at school etc.

Cookery Club

Objectives of the club
  • To enable students to learn the basic culinary etiquettes, various culinary tools and appliances and a few distinct styles of cooking.
  • To encourage everyone to have an understanding of food hygiene and food safety, have the opportunity to try new cuisines and understand the importance of a healthy and balanced diet.


Club Activities/ Competitions

Knife Skills, Plating and Presentation Techniques, Cooking/ Baking competitions etc

Young Entrepreneurs Club ( only high school) Objectives of the club

Objectives of the club
  • To help our students become independent and channel their creativity into creating something of their own in this competitive world.
  • To expose our students to the world of opportunities.


Club Activities/ Competitions

Brainstorming and idea generation event, Poster making, l PowerPoint Presentations, Proposing Sample Business Plans etc.

The Photography Club

Objectives of the club
  • To provide a platform for the interested students to share and exhibit their creativity, knowledge and passion for photography.
  • To teach the students the nuances of focus, shutter speed, aperture, etc.


Club Activities/ Competitions

Mobile Photography and Spot Photography contest, Image Editing Tools– sharing best practices, Videography, Photography Exhibition etc.

Awareness Clubs

Community Service and Philanthropy Club

Objectives of the club
  • To make the students aware of the problems and vices prevailing in the society.
  • To provide an opportunity for students to participate in altruistic activities that cultivate a sense of empathy.


Club Activities/ Competitions

Cleanliness drive, Visit to an Orphanage and an old age home, fundraising, Planting Trees, Cleaning up the Locality, Literacy and happiness drives in old age homes, projects to eradicate social evils and issues etc.

The Rotary Club

Objectives of the club
  • The youth wing of rotary club will engage our students in several social welfare initiatives in and around Bangalore.
  • To enable students to adopt the motto – ‘Service before self’.


Club Activities/ Competitions

To enable students to adopt the motto – ‘Service before self’.

Integrity Club ( only high school)

Objectives of the club
  • To inculcate noble values in the young minds, creating them as leaders of future generation.
  • To ensure that children fight against corruption and stand up for what they believe in.


Club Activities/ Competitions

To ensure that children fight against corruption and stand up for what they believe in.