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Beyond Academics

Beyond Academics

Circle Time & Assembly

In the words of Charles R. Swindoll- “Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children.” In our unconditional efforts to create and leave long lasting memories, Circle Time in Aadya Academy is a great way to encourage ourstudents to play, learn, think, wonder, question, make mistakes, learn to accept failures and more.

During Circle Time, children will sit in a circle or half circle with their teacher, the teacher/practitioner will take the lead initially, and then allow the children to shape the learning. Circle Time is mutually beneficial for student and teacher, and is a casual way of helping students to develop key social skills in a relaxed environment.

Why is Circle Time Important?

Circle time is a time to encourage positive group interactions with all the students. It can be used as a transition from one daily activity to the next, and has a clear structure. Circle time often encourages positive classroom behaviours such as putting hands up to speak, taking turns, and listening to everyone’s contributions.

Popular Circle

Time Activities at Aadya Academy are Singing , Dancing, Finger Puppets, Finger Play, Pass the Expression, Story Time, Memory Games,Pictionary, Number Game, Musical Chair, Spell Bee, Look and Say , Role Play, Pretend Play, Flash Cards and many more

Assembly Time

While circle time is very crucial for students of lower classes, Morning Assembly is important for students of all age groups. It is a very important part of our school culture.Morning Assembly is the time when our entire school community assembles at an appropriate place to affirm school’s identity and aspirations. It helps to strengthen the way our school works. It also helps students to gather a lot of energy to do well and set goals.

During the Assembly, students follow the pre determined schedule with discipline and order. Special and Extended Assemblies to mark important occasions are also celebrated. Assembly Schedule led by the School prefectsinvolves the following modules.

Monday, Wednesday & Friday– English Assembly
Tuesday– Kannada Assembly
Thursday– Hindi Assembly

Daily Assembly Schedule

  • School Prayer followed by Kannada / Hindi prayers.
  • Pledge
  • Important announcements and notices
  • News Reading
  • Sharing Amazing Facts
  • Sharing positive thoughts
  • Activity Time- students themselves plan and conduct activities like quiz, role plays, display of talent, impromptu speeches,riddles, puzzles, word building, tongue twisters, inspirational blogs, craft work etc
  • Celebration of birthdays
  • Warm up exercises and aerobics
  • Dispersal

Co Curricular/ Co – Scholastic Activities ( CCA)

While academics are indispensable, co-curricular activities will teach our kidsconcepts that go beyond the classroom’s four walls. At Aadya Academy we maintain an outstanding balance between academics and co-scholastic activities because it is crucial for a meaningful educational experience. Students can improve their communication, time management, and crisis management abilities by participating in such activities.

The Myth – A very common conception is that, most students believe that they must give up co-curricular activities to get good grades in school. According to research conducted by the United States Department of Education, students who participate in co-curricular activities earn higher grades than those who do not.

Aadya Academy offers a plethora of Co Curricular Activities which are integrated with the curriculum. Students are encouraged to take part in all the activities. Apart from the regular Competitions students get one or two CCA periods in a week.

Bagless Days

The National Education Policy (NEP) mandates the participation of students in bagless days to learn crafts and enrichment activities. The bagless days are scattered through the year. Students enjoy lots of activities according to their age groups. Activities/ Competitionslike Quiz, Debates, Extempore, Elocution, Public Speaking, Mimicry, Story Telling, Pictionary, Recitation, Role Plays, Story Writing, Drama, Cooking, Pottery, Art and craft, Photography, Mime, Creative writing, Charades, Group Discussion, Basic stitching with needle, Spell- bee, Origami and many more are conducted during the Bagless Days.

Extra Curricular Activities (ECA)

Aadya Academy’s enrichment program includes extra-curricular activities (ECA), that take place during the day on weekly basis.

Extracurricular activities are programs that are not a part of the regular school curriculum. These are structured around the school curriculum. These activities all complement an academic curriculum. While these activities are structured by age group. One of our best ways to support students with holistic development is that, we offer an assortment of Extra-Curricular Activities. Parents need not spend extra time looking for dance, music or karate classes. We bring the best-of-the- best at our students’ disposal.

Some of the Extra Curricular Activities offered are.

Dance classes

Classical, Freestyle, Contemporary and Bollywood styles will be taught either in the activity room or activity area. Activities to mark the International Dance Day ( April 29th )will be conducted.

Music classes

Music education helps to develop cognitive abilities. Students get to learn music from experts in the field. World Music Day will be celebrated on June 21st every year.


Yoga, an elixir that works on almost every new age predicament. The benefits that come with it are numerous and often apparent.Students are always encouraged to take their Yoga classesvery seriously. To keep up with the spirit of Yoga, International Yoga Day, will be celebrated on June 21st in the campus when students display the asanaslearnt at school and indulge in other activities.


Researchers found that students who were taught Taekwondo improved their self-regulation and showed reduced signs of aggression. Taekwondo is one of the most systematic and scientific Korean traditional martial arts, that teaches more than physical fighting skills. It is a discipline that shows ways of enhancing our spirit and life through training our body and mind. Our students learn from the talented Karate Instructor in the campus.

Competitions at Aadya Academy

Being an Activity Oriented School, Aadya Academy conducts a wide variety of competitions covering the scholastic, creative, technical and many more skills. Depending on the age groups , interests and other criteria, many competitions are held and winners are awarded with certificates. The school clubs take the responsibility to conduct the events and activities under their banner. The heat of competition is a funny thing. It brings out sides of personalities students never knew they had lurking. And frankly, it’s invigorating. The following competitions are conducted in the school.

Kindergarten Competitions/ Activities

Primary / High School Competitions/ Activities