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Playground and Kindergarten Play Area

Playground and Kindergarten play area

“Play is our brain’s favourite way of learning.” -Diane Ackerman. Play matters tremendously for a child’s physical, emotional, cognitive, creative, and social development. Outdoor play provides children with an opportunity to grow, learn and play. It stimulates their minds and provides for their cognitive and physical development. Aadya Academy firmly believes that the outdoor time spent by students is pivotal, so it is important to provide students with an appealing and stimulating outdoor arena where they can play, learn and have fun.

Aadya Academy houses a huge playground with an outstanding cricket pitch, volleyball, throw ball, badminton and tennis court. There is also provision for Assembly, Celebrations, Circle Time, Parades, Drills, Physical Education classes, Outdoor classes, group studies, Club Activities and more in the spacious school ground.

A beautiful outdoor play area is designated for the tiny tots of Kindergarten. The play area has riding toys, climbers and slides and other play equipments. The resources and equipments are selected carefully in order to inspire children’s creativity and learning.