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Student Council

Student Council

Aadya Academy’s Student Council is one of the key school bodies in charge of planning and managing school events. Our students have the opportunity to have their voices heard via their representatives in the Student Council.

The students have the privilege to join and express their leadership skills. Beginning of every academic year, the school organizes elections in which students elect their Student Council representatives and other office bearers. Every student has the right to vote and run for the council, which is in line with the school’s mission to provide students with an environment that values freedom of expression.

Given that the number of council members is large, everyone has the chance and freedom to be proactive and contribute to the school image and success with their innovative ideas. Due to the fact that it highly values its students’ opinions and proposals regarding school activities, Aadya Academy is a place where students feel free and respected in a safe and healthy environment.

The contenders for the various coveted positions read out their manifestos trying to convince their classmates and teachers that they are the right choice for the position.

Roles & responsibilities of student council members.

  1. Mentoring and supporting fellow students.
  2. Maintaining discipline among students and enforcing the code of conduct. Identification of problems, suggesting solutions, and improvements to existing systems.
  3. Planning and organizing various events.
  4. To plan and lead student council meetings, including assigning tasks. To lead and organize student activities and represent the student body.
  5. Listen and empathise with the students.

Structure of the Student Council

  • School Prefects
  • Secretary
  • Joint Secretary
  • Discipline captain
  • Sports Captain
  • Cultural Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • House Captains
  • Class Representatives
  • Club Representatives
  • Advisors ( Faculty)

The Procedure

  • Nomination of Candidates
  • Review of Candidates
  • Campaigning
  • Election
  • Announcement of Results
  • Investiture Ceremony ( Badging Ceremony)