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The term Pedagogy is about the whole act of teaching, from studying the profession, to planning and running lessons, tracking and assessing progress. Pedagogy is a strongly monitored segment at Aadya Academy as we believe that this streamlines the whole educational process effectively.

The pedagogy adopted by teachers shapes students’ actions, judgments, and teaching strategies. One of the most powerful pedagogical approaches in the Aadya classroom is when the teacher becomes a mentor or coach who helps students achieve the learning goal. Using this strategy, the students also work together, think, pair and share—using collective skills and expertise to accomplish learning tasks.

The key pillars of our pedagogy are learning through inquiry, conceptual understanding, differentiated instruction, and integration of technology. Our pedagogy mainly aims to develop a broad range of knowledge, skills and attitudes, offering magical pathways to students with varying needs, capacities and aptitudes. The emphasis on academic rigour and activities beyond the classroom is integral to our educational philosophy and practices.