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About our Chairman

Message from Anil Kumar

“Education is not preparation for life; Education is life itself.” I believe that at the heart of a great, high-functioning school, are passionate and skilled people who come together every day to champion children. As a leader, I strive each day to motivate my team to do their best”

A passionate educator and principled leader who is committed to providing students with meaningful education that will help them evolve into better people. He is a staunch believer in collaborative efforts and seeks to actively engage the entire team to achieve the school’s vision collectively. As a person, he is known for his sense of simplicity, straightforwardness and empathetic nature. An enthusiastic learner himself, he is characterized by his strategic foresight, aesthetic sensibilities, and heuristic intelligence.

With more than twenty five years of experience in the field of education, Mr. Anil Kumar has spent years structuring and heading educational projects. With his talented team of highly trained faculty, a diverse learning community and world class infrastructure, he aims to make the school become one of the most preferred institutions in Bangalore. He strongly believes in practical educational thinking and is instrumental in shaping our policies and programmes of the institution. As a prolific educator, he brings a wealth of experience to the school. He is widely travelled, and brings a unique global perspective, steeped in Indian socio-cultural values, which is integral to fulfilling the vision of our school.

He has been pivotal in the role of collaboratively developing, mapping, aligning and evaluating the effectiveness of the curriculum and ensures that the learning experiences provided at school are engaging, interactive, exciting and meaningful and relevant.